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Baby shower for boys

As a welcome celebration party for your new baby boy, baby shower events must be prepared well. There are some preparations that you have to do when you want to held baby shower in your home. The preparations are: party supplies, determine the most appropriate themes for your decoration, games, invitations, thank you cards, banner, balloons, etc. as a reference for you I give you some examples from all preparations above.

 Party supplies of baby shower for boys

Baby shower for boys

Blue color is identical with baby boy and it is very appropriate for your boy baby shower events. Choose the party supplies with blue color for your decorations. Party supplies for baby shower are including tableware, accessories, favor, invitations, and more. With all blue color themes and decorations for your baby shower, your baby shower events will be fabulous and memorable.

Appropriate themes of baby shower for boys

The selection of themes also become as a supporting for your baby shower events. Some themes can be reference for your themes. The interesting themes can support you to make good decorations and attracts many guests for coming in your baby shower. You can use dashing little theme, monkey boy theme, and mommy silhouettes it’s a boy and still many themes that can be your choice.

Games of baby shower for boys

Games are one of important things for celebrating baby shower. If you celebrate baby shower for boys, the games that you choose will be the games which attracts the invitations contribute and play the games by having fun together. The common games that you can play in baby shower are boy or girl games, oh-boy games, rubber ducky race games, pacifier toss games, etc.

 Invitations of baby shower for boys

The characteristic of events can be seen from the invitations. Invitations for boy baby shower are many kinds and many themes. When you are looking for the invitations design you will find many example of design that you can use for your invitations. Some designs that you can apply for your boy baby shower invitations are wildlife whimsy: kiwi, adorable anchors, dashing day: blue moon, woodland wonder: smoke, super baby: tomato, all things glitter: aqua. Beside all examples of that invitation design, there are still many kinds of invitations design that you can apply for.

·         Thank you cards of baby shower for boys

As a kind of your respectful for your guests, thank you cards can be a tool of you as a hostess for saying thank you. Because of many guests who come to your boy baby shower, it’s hard for you to say thank you to all your guests directly. That’s why thank you cards can help you to deliver your aim. Here are some designs of thank you cards for boy baby shower: safari animals, zoo animals: waterfall, big buggy: paradise, monkeying around, chrysanthemum: aloe, chrysanthemum: tea rose.

·         Banners of baby shower for boys

Banners are one of part of decorations. As a part of decorations, banners must be suitable and match with other decorations. For boy baby shower, the designs of banners are similar to invitations and thank you cards design. Some designs for your reference are willow deer baby shower banner posters, forest friends baby shower banner posters, honey bear custom baby shower banner, baby shower banner with deer poster, willow deer banner, baby shower puppy banner, and etc.

·         Balloons of baby shower for boys

Your decoration will not be complete without balloons. Balloons for baby shower are a completion of your event. If you have known that you that your baby is a boy, you will choose blue balloons for your decoration. Some blue balloons which can be reference for your baby shower are foil ahoy baby boy balloon, foil blue wild safari baby shower balloon, foil little prince crown baby shower balloon, and etc.

the above posting explain what the objects that should exist when you will organize baby shower for boyshopefully this article useful for you
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